January Meeting: Holy Spirit Summons

This month, we’re inviting you to the Holy Spirit Summons. The event will feature Michael Van Vlyman, Marvin Adams, Deborah Roberts, Brian Harvey, Kelli Harrison and Gary Frey as facilitators of the conference on January 3-5 in Carmel, Indiana. We sense this is a true summoning by the Holy Spirit, who wishes to speak andContinue reading “January Meeting: Holy Spirit Summons”

Guest Speaker: Donna Martelli

November 9, 2019 9:30am – 12:30pmIndy Vineyard Church, 8383 Craig Street, #335, Indianapolis, IN 46250 Donna Martelli was a professional ballerina and went all over the world. She is an author of a number of books, including When God Says Drop It, Chronicles of My Healing! The book is about her testimony from sickness toContinue reading “Guest Speaker: Donna Martelli”

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